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Yarn Dyeing Triangle - Guidebook | Make Your Own Dye Recipes | Dharma Acid Dyes | Use any Dye for Yarn, Wool, Silk + Editable Canva Template

Yarn Dyeing Triangle - Guidebook | Make Your Own Dye Recipes | Dharma Acid Dyes | Use any Dye for Yarn, Wool, Silk + Editable Canva Template

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Make your own yarn samples and dye recipes using this dye triangle tutorial and template. Includes dye triangle PDF print out for understanding primary, secondary and tertiary colour mixing. Includes thorough written instructions and sample photos.

Change out any primaries, change brands and experiment with any other dye colour ideas. Add a key colour like black or brown to tone down or adjust the colour. Experiment to create various cool, warm or soft hues. Download the PDF, print and staple your samples.

Includes Muffs Canva template dye recipe recording pages - to begin in building your own colour books. Access the editable file so that you can change up the dye colours to match your dye brand and adjust the dye amounts. Use this template as a starting point to learn and begin creating your own hand dyed yarn samples and recipes.


• Learn how to mix dye primary colours
• Experiment by using any recpie amounts for any dye brand!
• 15+ Dye Recipes included. Uses Dharma Acid Dye Sunflower Yellow, Deep Magenta and Carribean Blue.
• Print and attach your yarn colour samples.
• Print and store your dye recipes in a folder for easy access.


1 x PDF Dye Triangle to mix Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colours (in colour and black and white print out)
+ Use almost any dye type or brand! (Tutorial uses Dharma Acid Dye in Deep Magenta, Sunflower Yellow & Caribbean Blue on wool yarn).
+ Includes Muffs Method - a simplified primary & secondary mixing template for creating your own colour books. (in colour and black and white print out).
+ Thorough written tutorial with instructions & sample photos.
+ Dye calculation chart for making shades of all your colours.
1x Optional (Editable Canva Template of entire tutorial)
Edit & customise the dye triangle amounts and colours for your brand.
Includes dye recipe book template pages - To begin building your own colour book and recipes!

Note: Digital colours used in this PDF and Canva Template are not exact colour representation. The colour dots used are a demonstrative example only.

- Four Dharma Acid Dye primaries (Deep Magenta, Caribbean Blue, Brilliant Yellow, Tue Black or Teddybear Brown)
- 50g or white or natural white yarn (to make 1g samples)
- Scissors to cut yarn
- Measuring cups x 4
- Dye Mixing spoon
- Silicone cupcake trays or 15 white cups
- (Micro) weight scale to weigh dye powder
- Heat setting element, oven or small stainless steel pot
- Water (water source)
- White vinegar or Citric Acid
- Old towel for clean up


Purchase the order on Etsy. Download the PDF File. Click link to the editable Canva template.

Create a free Canva account and edit
the template in your browser or the Canva app.

Download your high resolution png, jpg or pdf print file.


If using the Canva template, I recommend keeping any deleted text or amounts as a dash (placeholder) so you do not need to create and move a new textbox. Making and moving new text boxes in Canva can be tricky, especially in the app. I do recommend using Canva on desktop.

Please get in touch and I can help you with any questions you might have.

Need help with Canva or any other design tools for your fibre business? Please get in touch.By purchasing these dye recipes, you agree to use them for personal, non-commercial purposes only and not to reproduce, redistribute, or resell them.You can sell your hand dyed yarn, dyed fibre or artwork using these recipes. You agree to not copy and sell these dye recipes.

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