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Purple Pop Dye Recipe 8 Shades | Dharma Acid Dye| Digital Colour Palette | 1% Solution & Instructions | Learn to Dye Yarn Wool Silk Nylon

Purple Pop Dye Recipe 8 Shades | Dharma Acid Dye| Digital Colour Palette | 1% Solution & Instructions | Learn to Dye Yarn Wool Silk Nylon

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Dharma Acid Dye Purple Pop is measured in mls or grams to make an 8 shade colour palette. Based on 100g of fibre.Note: Muffs Merino shade recipes use similar calculations across Dharma colours. I recommend purchasing the entire collection to mix and match (coming soon). This digital download will help you:

• Dye 100g or any amount of yarn in eight different shades (Dharma Acid Dye)
• View all eight shades of hand dyed colour photographed on wool yarn
• Mix & match Dharma colours quickly and easily.
• Collect the dye recipes, print and store in a binder for easy reference.
• Attach your yarn colour samples.


+ Purple Pop 8 Shade colour palette PDF (Dharma Acid Dye)
Includes 8 Dharma Acid Dye Shade Recipes
Includes Basic Yarn Dyeing Instructions


Micro weigh scale (to weigh a minimum .01g of dye powder)
Micro spoons for small amounts of dye powder
Dye mixing cups

Purple Pop

Please review listing before purchase. Please get in touch if you have any questions before purchasing. There are no returns or exchanges on digital files. Once you purchase you will have access to the PDF and it is not possible to return or exchange the product :)

Colour can vary from screen to actual fibre. Colour appears different on different types of yarn and different shades of white or natural coloured yarn.

Weigh out your dye recipe amounts in grams or first make a 1% solution for each Dharma dye used in this palette. Measure the recipe amounts in in mls or grams and mix the into one cup or jar. Mix well. Place in dye bath or use your favourite dyeing method.

The amounts shown for each recipe are based on 100g of fibre. If you want more saturation, double the recipe. If you want less saturation, divide the amounts in half. If you want to dye more shades of the same colour on various fibre amounts, consider using a dye calculation chart for quick reference. Available in the Muffs Etsy shop.


Watch the basics of How to Dye Solid Yarn on YouTube.


Keep shade colour samples on hand for future reference.
Always record notes and keep a sample of your finished work. Print out the PDF and staple or thread your yarn colour sample to it. Store in sleeve and place in binder.


Please get in touch and I can help you with any questions you might have.


Want a custom colour palette, or 25 colours based on your brands mood board? Do you require any other design tools for your fibre business? Please get in touch.By purchasing these dye recipes, you agree to use them for personal, non-commercial purposes only and not to reproduce, redistribute, or resell them.You can sell your hand dyed yarn, dyed fibre or artwork using these recipes. You agree to not copy and sell these dye recipes.

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