Dharma Sunflower Yellow Discontinued...

Recently Dharma Acid Dye Sunflower Yellow (reformulated) has been discontinued. When SY became reformulated, I became distraught by all the hard work I put into the recipe collections and now the colour I used the most was gone :(. So I quickly tested a few recipes to make sure the reformulated Sunflower Yellow was accurate. The samples turned out so similar, so for me, no complaints, yippee! I got in touch with Dharma and learned that Sunflower Yellow sales plummeted since the reformulation. Its much more vibrant and cooler, (similar to Brilliant Yellow) then the natural hue it used to be, so its understandable that long time dyers noticed this difference and Dharma decided pull it off the shelf. 

It didn't take long for me to get into the studio to test their recommendation to use Brilliant Yellow instead. This past weekend I had time to test the original and reformulated Sunflower Yellow, plus a few recipes from Muffs Classic Collection so let's see the results below!

If you have purchased any of Muffs Merino colour collections, I recommend replacing Sunflower Yellow with Brilliant Yellow. What will happen when you do this? The new version of the colour will be slightly more clear and brighter. I was thrilled with the results. 

(above) Reformulated Sunflower Yellow (now discontinued), next to Brilliant Yellow.

(above) Reformulated Sunflower Yellow next to Brilliant Yellow. Plus the original Sunflower Yellow (Bottom). You can see its has more depth and looks slightly more natural in tone.

🌻 We will miss you!

(above) Some of the colours from the Classic Collection. SY right, BY left. You can see the Brilliant Yellow adds a brightness and intensity compared to the original Sunflower Yellow Recipe. Experiment by adding more brown or black key to tone them down for more accuracy.

I have posted a short video Reel on Instagram dyeing the test samples. You can find it here! @muffsmerino on Instagram.

Happy crafting! Until next time...

Kindly, Lori
from Muffs Meirno

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